700 Free Marvel Comics (hopefully you’ll get them this time)

I was flicking through the spam in my inbox last night when I came across something that WASN’T spam! An email from Comixology thanking me for my interest in 700 free Marvel comics (you’re welcome). And letting me know they’ll still give me aforementioned free comics, but only for 48 hours at their convenience.

If you cast your mind back (it was quite a while ago) you’ll remember Marvel were offering 700 #1 comics in a bid to encourage digital growth and attempt to gain interest and readership in their new Marvel NOW series. Comixology failed them in that their servers couldn’t cope with the demand for freebies. But good news! There’s a new plan!

Rather than have everyone try and get them at the same time Comixology will now issue invites to a certain amount of people during April for a 48 hour period. This seems like a fair remedy but its been quite some time in coming – all the buzz generated at SXSW has faded away at this point and Marvel are left with the die hard comics fans who they didn’t really need to “sell” to anyway. Poorly handled in my opinion. The marketing and IT departments need to start communicating better.


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