Iron Man 3 Album “Heroes Fall” Determined To Make Me Feel Old As #*&!


Lot’s of things make me feel old. The cold, my niece and nephew and ‘modern’ music.

Here is the track list for ‘Heroes Fall’ an collection of songs “inspired” by Iron Man 3.

1. “Ready Aim Fire” – Imagine Dragons
2. “Some Kind of Joke” – AWOLNATION
3. “Some Kind of Monster” – Neon Trees
4. “American Blood” – Passion Pit
5. “No Time” – Rogue Wave
6. “One Minute More” – Capital Cities
7. “Back To The Start”– Mr Little Jeans
8. “Keep Moving” – Andrew Stockdale (of Wolfmother)
9. “Redemption” – Redlight King
10. “Big Bad Wolves” – WALK THE MOON
11. “BAD GUY” – 3OH!3
12. “Let’s Go All The Way” – The Wondergirls featuring Ashley Hamilton and Robbie Williams

First things first. Where the hell is AC/DC?!

Secondly, I’m not even confident which is the band name and which is the song title! Is ‘Back to the Start’ a band?

Is this what my life is like now? Am I doomed to sit in the corner listening to Bat out of Hell II while the cool kids enjoy Iron Man 3. Will the film make sense without a working knowledge of Mr Little Jeans?

Who the hell is Mr Little Jeans!?


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  1. This angers me a lot! Not just because there’s no Acca Dacca but because it really does make me feel old. DAMMIT!

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