RED 2. Lets allow that thought hang in your mind for a minute…

Now that you’ve had a chance to consider that, lets ask ourselves – was this necessary and are we interested? Yes? No? Maybe? Good!  Now watch the trailer:

I’m standing tall and proud on the fence about this whole franchise. It just seems so… pointless, but in a really enjoyable and charming way. I came out of the first film having been entertained for the past 90 minutes but feeling empty on an emotional level. I didn’t connect with the story or the characters and there was no “meaning” to the film. It just was what it was – guns and ‘splosionz, witty banter and then guns.

The first film was something of an ensemble – however, if this trailer is anything to go by they’ve cut down on their casting budget (more likely their share was demanded by Bruce Willis) and left out some key players. Those most noticeable MIA’s are; Morgan Freeman, Brian Cox and Karl Urban. To me those were the characters that humanised the film so it didn’t become “Generic Action Comedy #2315”. There is the addition of Zeta-Jones and Hopkins to consider… but I really don’t think they can cut the mustard.

Director Dean Parisot is fresh into film after directing TV for a few decades. I’m dubious as to whether or not he can get a decent performance out of Willis who tends to show up and do his own thing if the director lets him (see Cop Out/A Couple of Dicks).

What were you thoughts on the original RED? And subsequently the trailer for RED 2? Does Bruce Willis being bald put you off watching this?


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  1. Yes! It does! I actually didn’t see the first one, which is strange because I’m a gun nut and I fancy Helen Mirren.

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