Saints Row IV Teaser Shows A More Subdued Entry

The reveal of The Mayor in Saints Row The Third was worth the price alone, so if the sequel can top that I’m sold.

You have to admire the Saints Row series. In three instalments it’s gone from bland GTA clone to a unique (and bonkers) brand in it’s own right.

IV apparently has superpowers because “screw it” and I laughed out loud at the typo. As long as it still has the cockney accent and lets me pretend to be Statham then I’m happy.


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  1. The Saints Row series is a work of art. SR2 in particular was masterful. My God the cutscenes! The Third then was unadulterated mania. That reminds me, I never finished The Third

  2. I’ve not played this at all. Would it be worth catching up from the first game?

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