Scary Movie 5 Trailer Is Possibly The Funniest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

scary movie

Sometimes I look at films, especially comedies, and wonder how Hollywood manages to do it. How can they consistently knock it out of the park like this? How do they come up with this stuff? I swear I’ve watched this trailer about eight times and it just gets better and better. I remember there was a bit in Disaster Movie when a woman appeared who looked like Amy Winehouse and someone said “Amy Winehouse?” and then I realised it was supposed to be Amy Winehouse and I laughed so hard because Amy Winehouse is a person and I know that. In this film, though, they have actually got Charlie Sheen, so when he appears I can just laugh and clap and dribble without having to think at all. That’s so clever.

Even better though, it will be like the Paranormal Activity films but instead of scary it will be funny. I hope they haven’t just put the best bits in the trailer but I don’t know how they can top moments like the man getting hit by a frying pan or ‘black man steals stuff’. I mean that is just incredible.

Also, there is a bit where a man says rectum, I looked the word up and it means bum. I actually think it improves the film by using the scientific word. It makes the film more cerebral.

I mean I thought Epic Movie was great but this looks phenomenal.


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  1. Oh my gosh. If this is sarcasm, it’s to such a degree that you’ve come out the other end of the sarcastic spectrum and become a believable and morally troubling opinion.

    Well done. I think. .

  2. I think Mr Plinkett needs to speak

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