The New Galaxy Is Here!

It was pure American cheese to say the least, but it was informative!

The Galaxy S IV is more than likely going to get those phone of the year awards again. The specs in themselves aren’t all that ground breaking, but the features they’ve built into the phone seem to be what they’re pushing the most. In all fairness, they are pretty damn nifty.

A run down on the specs that really stood out to me:

Options for 16/32/64GB internal storage
Usual Micro SD card upgrade slot
5″ Full HD Super AMOLED display
Supports 4G LTE
“Capable” of 100Mbps download and 50Mbps upload speed
13MP rear facing camera
2MP front facing camera
130 grams
Infrared sensor
Temperature/Humidity Sensor

There’s no 3D camera (sigh of relief from Deadgeek) and nothing truly groundbreaking except maybe the screen, but screen size and quality is expected to increase year on year. What Samsung were really pushing at this event was the new features the phone is capable of. One of the things the hosts of the event repeated over and over was that the Samsung Galaxy S IV made life “Richer, Simpler, Fuller”. I don’t think it’s going to have that much of a profound effect, but you can see what they’re going for.

The main feature they pushed was the ability to record on the front and rear facing camera at the same time. It has the ability to take videos photographs so that the person holding the phone can be “in” the shot as well. It’s nice and I think it will work well in certain circumstances. One thing that really caught my attention was a feature that allows you to add voice while while taking a picture. It’s pretty much a fairly simple multimedia file but if you think of Minority Report where Tom Cruise is looking at pictures of his son playing on the beach, the audio back drop of the waves and laughter – it’ll make some pretty intense memory recall with more subtlety than video.

Air view and air gesture have both arrived. You don’t have to pick the phone up to answer it, just swipe your hand above the screen. You can also scroll and perform a couple of other functions without actually touching it (eating Chinese Szechwan pork ribs while browsing the internet on your phone? no problem!).

Another feature that I really loved was something they called Drama Shot. This captures 100 images within a 4 second time frame then takes a couple of those images and compresses them into the same frame. A nice tool to have.

The only other thing I think majorly impacts the handset is their new Group Play feature. This… well, if you use public transport this is going to make life a living hell. It allows up to 8 Samsung handsets to connect and play the same song at the same time so that you essentially get a portable multi channel speaker system. The chavs are gonna love this one for blasting Dr Dre!

Finally – the release date. When can you get your hands on all this glory?
That would be the end of April.

All in all, I’ve been sold on it. It looks like it will do more of the same as the previous Galaxies and more. It’s not a game changer by any means, but it’s good enough that I can still justify avoiding the iPhone. I’ll be sure to let you know in a future review if the phone makes my life Richer, Simpler and Fuller.


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  1. Dr dre! How old are you!?

  2. I’m a Galaxy3 user.. dammit

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