The Hilarious/Terrifying L.A.Noire Outtakes

L.A. Noire was the third most disappointing experience of my life after Spider-Man 3 and that time Rebecca Lyons got picked for the Netball team instead of me.

It was a game that oozed class, production value and sported an empty free-roamable city and a damn near broken game mechanic.

What wasn’t broken was the remarkable facial capture system. The actors on set not only had the dialogue recorded but their faces were captured and digitized, creating some breathtakingly convincing animation. What this technology also granted us was game characters screwing up their lines.

Some course language follows.

It’s the most surreal experience watching a game character suddenly turn into a human being but it’s fascinating and only further shows how exciting this technology is. Stick that in GTA V and you’re laughing!


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  1. It was a real shame that this game didn’t quite work. I’m hoping for a sequel with some improvement, I would spend the cash on it in a heartbeat.

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