Comixology Servers Crash… But Not Burn

Sunday night we told you about the Marvel #1 event. We mentioned there was a bit of lag with the servers at the time. That bit of lag ended up being a full blown meltdown with the CEO of Comixology stating “We’re still struggling to keep our systems up.”

The good news is that they have halted the Marvel give away and will be resuming once they feel they can cope with the demand. The downside is that Marvel are not going to be happy. They’ve arranged this massive publicity stunt which has been in the pipeline for months, and now Comixology let them down. This could work in their favour as it gives good old “word of mouth” a chance to bring in some extra punters. But on the downside their Big Bang has fizzled out and will likely just end up being spoken about in hushed tones at the Marvel office water cooler.

This shows just how much all the comic publishers are relying on this one outsourced company to provide their cloud services. It could give Marvel the push to create their own cloud based service rather than relying on hired help.

Comixology have set up a form for you to submit your email address so they can let you know when and how you can claim your free Marvel comics. (And, I’m sure, so they can send you emails in the future about their weekly releases). You can find the form HERE.

Do you think this will strain relations between Marvel and Comixology? Will Marvel start looking to find their own path forward in the digital world? Or is this just a minor hiccup that no one is going to get too worried about?


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  1. Could be worse, could be sim city

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