The Death of Damian Wayne **SPOILERS**

Death of Damien Wayne

Death of Damien Wayne

It’s been two days since I read Batman Inc. #8 and I’m still trying to justify with myself why DC felt the need to kill him off. Do the consequences of his death impact Batman so much that it’s worth losing Damien as a character? Was it always intended that he be murdered to develop the character of Talia Al’ghul? Did they feel the character became boring? Or do they plan the age old trick of resurrecting him once they’ve squeezed what they were looking for from his death?

Personally I’m pretty unhappy with his death and Batman Inc overall. I read issues 2-8 back to back, the book doesn’t flow very well and is often confusing. It also feels rushed, it seems like someone at DC has had an idea and they pushed the comic through its paces to time Damien’s death with a particular event. Maybe this will link in to the consequences of Death of the Family? But my main reason for disliking the death is that the character had so much potential! Yes, he was an arrogant little snot but he was a born and bred killer teamed up with Batman! We all know Bat’s feelings on killing, he couldn’t even bring himself to kill Joker after everything that happened in Death of the Family! All that plot potential washed away in a river of blood!

Bruce Wayne is also going to suffer badly from his sons death and Batman has lost yet another Robin. His already tortured soul is going to be strung up on the rack again and given a thorough work over. But he’ll get through it, he always does, because “Batman is the hero Gotham needs.”

The Batman & Robin book however, that’s a different story. DC have a few options here, they haven’t cancelled it. Yet. The solicitation for the next four books indicate they will show Batman teaming up with his other 4 Bat-wards. This clearly isn’t a long term option for a book titled Batman & Robin so lets look at what they could do.

  • They keep the overall concept of a team up book and possibly just retitle it. They could have team-ups with Gotham based characters, maybe even a team up with someone like Penguin against Mr Freeze. (Freeze is going to take a fancy to the Ice Berg Casino without a doubt and Cobblepot is ever looking after his own interests.) They could also team him up in this book with the likes of Green Arrow or Wonder Woman.
  • They use the next four issues as a way to help Batman deal with his grief, cancel the book and move on to something else. There is talk of an ongoing Batman/Superman book, could this be a replacement in The New 52 for Batman & Robin?
  • They resurrect Damien and brush his death under the carpet like it was all a big hoax. And why not? It’s been done so many times before that surely no one would even Bat an eyelid? They already mentioned cloning within the same book, in fact it was Damien’s clone that did most of the work in killing him. Will they reboot his memory so Batman has to teach him all over again that killing is wrong? This could be an interesting course of action and is also the most likely.

I just can’t come to terms with the fact that they would spend 18 issues of a Batman & Robin comic along with appearances in the other Bat-books just to kill him off like that.

Death of Damien Wayne

Broken Duo

What ever happens ramifications of his death will be felt for the next 12 months in multiple books. It puts several writers in a good position to develop the interweaving story for some time to come. But Batman Inc? If they put the brakes on a little, the story could turn out to be a classic – if they haven’t already ruined it. A lot of variables I know but time will tell.

What did you think of Damian’s death? Will he be resurrected or is this the end of the road for the Boy Wonder?


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  1. That Batman, he don’t go half go through em!

    A Superhero’s death is as permanent as a Britney Spears Marriage. He’ll be back. Jason Todd came back to life because Superboy punched reality really hard.

  2. I personally am glad he’s dead. The whole “he’s a trained killer” plot had never produced anything fruitful. He had pretty much all but been assimilated into generic bat hero 2000 by the 5th or 6th comic. How this will affect the rest of the bat family might be the only interesting thing Damien has ever brought to the DC comics in my opinion. But chances are he’ll be back in two or three months.

    • Oh how I disagree!
      I felt he was the most original thing I’ve seen in Batman in a long time! He was such an arrogant little snot, and every time he opened his mouth I want to jam a sock in it and wrap duct tape around his head. But that’s what I want from any entertainment medium, I want to be interested by what the characters say and do!

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