Whet Your Whistle For Ultron With This Fantastic FanPic.

If you told me that this was a still from The Avengers 2, I’d believe you. Then I’d do my happy dance, then I’d remember The Avengers 2 is miles away and I’d feel silly. First things first, deviantART user SkinnyGlasses has some bonkers photoshop skills. Secondly, how cool is the idea that Ultron could find his origins in a discarded Iron Man suit? There’s no reason that Hank Pym couldn’t create Ultron’s A.I. and pop it in a robot that already happened to be lying around.

And then there is Ewan McGregor as Pym. That’s interesting. He looks the part and he is capable of just about anything but I think I’m too stuck in my Nathan-Fillion-Must-Play-Everyone head to be objective.

For comparison, take a look at (what I assume is) the original picture SkinnyGlasses used for his image.



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