The Marvel Cinematic Universe Just Got Bigger

Much bigger.

Variety is reporting that the devourer of planets himself, Galactus, is so annoyed by his appearance in the second Fantastic Four film that he’s jumping ship from Fox to join Marvel Studios’ roster.

This has basically come about because Fox are running out of time with their in-the-works Daredevil reboot. The rights to that character will allegedly revert to Marvel if they don’t start rolling by the 10th of October and Marvel are offering an extension in return for Galactus. It’s like they are playing the world’s most expensive game of Top Trumps.

This is exciting for four reasons:

1) Galactus is awesome.

2) The Silver Surfer is coming too.

3) The Silver Surfer is AWESOME!

4) Marvel are seriously pulling their stuff together now. Thanos popping up at the end of The Avengers and the announcement of The Guardians of the Galaxy is proof enough that they are focused on the cosmic. Bringing in their heaviest celestial baddie makes sense but the idea that they are having serious conversations regarding their properties is incredible. Fox aren’t going to simply ‘swap’ franchises like the X-Men and Sony isn’t letting go of Spider-Man any time soon, but this gives us some idea that Marvel really are playing the long game. I can’t see Web Head and Wolverine showing up in The Avengers 2 but we’re getting there.



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