I Wish I’d Gone to Comic-Con

The American’s have it all; big cars, impossibly greasy food and Comic-Con, which is essentially the geek Mecca. Once a year geeks and nerds of all kinds put aside their differences (Sisko was better than both of ’em, alright!) and flock to San Diego.

The sheer size of the event means it’s impossible to present it all but the heavy hitters were out in force and here are some of the highlights that we wish we’d seen…

Django Unchained

That Quentin Tarantino is a tease isn’t he? At the Django Unchained panel he fielded a number of questions about the film. He discussed the length of time it had taken to prepare the film and both he and star Jamie Foxx addressed the racially charged themes in the movie. Sportsmole have an excellent breakdown the panel here, but hands down the best quote was this “Broomhilda von Shaft and Django will have a baby, then that baby will have a baby and so on and so on…. and then John Shaft will be born.”

Oh Quentin.

Man of Steel

Footage from Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman reboot seemed to impress. Warner Bros also  released this rather moody looking teaser poster. The consensus seemed to be that the film looks far more subdued that Snyder’s previous films. From Comingsoon.netA grown up and bearded Clark walks on a snowy road with a voice-over from Russell Crow’s Jor-El (talking about children being, “inspired to greater things”) and Kevin Costner’s Jonathan Kent giving Clark advice on becoming the man he wants to be. Clark is then shown in the Kent barn looking at the spaceship he crashed to Earth in, and holding a small piece of metal with the iconic “S” logo on it. 

The footage then flashes to different periods in his life, offering a look at Clark as a teenager saving a bus full of children who have crashed in the water as he pulls the door off. “People are afraid of what they don’t understand,” says Costner as the scene transitions to Clark talking to what appears to be a holographic projection of Jor-El (although it apparently seemed as if they were standing right in front of one another). Superman is then finally shown in full costume. First from a distance, and then walking across a snowy landscape. The iconic superhero is seen flying and catching someone who falls from a building (presumably in Metropolis) with only a single flash of Lois Lane, before Superman is spotted in costume – and seemingly in handcuffs – being led down a hallway by armed guards. We next see Clark in an elevator lifting glasses to his face, before the footage concluded with a shot of him shirtless and on fire, and then being thrown into the bank vault revealed in the first official image released last year. When the footage was played a second time, it was also noted that it contains a very brief glimpse of Zod, Superman pulling himself out a pile of skulls, the military turning their weapons on Superman and a woman claiming to have seen Clark saving her child when he was a teenager. 

Firefly AKA The Joss Whedon Standing Ovation

Nobody wanted Firefly to end. It’s wasn’t a perfect show but it was bleeding potential. It had the characters and the universe and it’s possibilities were utterly endless. And then Fox cancelled it and everyone hates them a bit more.

This year marked the ten year anniversary of the show and creator Joss Whedon and stars Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, Summer Glau and Sean Maher took to the stage to commemorate the occasion. The panel was shot as part of a documentary called Browncoats (a term from the show that fans have adopted for themselves) and without a doubt it will feature the moment a fan asked the writer/director what the Firefly fans mean to him. Before he could answer an emotional Whedon was treated to a standing ovation. Then in his usual, poetic way he said “When I see you guys, I don’t think the show is off the air. I think there’s spaceships and horses – the story is alive.” Sniff.

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 will be the first “solo” Marvel Studios picture out of the gate since The Avengers made a Fajillion dollars. Marvel unveiled Tony’s new duds in typically elaborate fashion and treated everyone to a sizzle reel which Hollywood.com have described below:

There’s an opening scene where Tony Stark is in his lab, with a sign saying “Stark R&D Department.” He’s being filmed by his camera bot. And he’s talking to the wall of old Iron Man suits. “Good afternoon ladies,” he says to them. “Welcome to the birthing suite.” He’s about to welcome the arrival of their “bouncing badass baby brother.” He asks Jarvis for seasonal music, and Jarvis puts the needle down on a record of hip hop Christmas music.

Standing around his many armors, Stark commands his JARVIS computer to being the test. Stark strikes a kung fu pose — nothing. He taps his forearm, trying to get something inside to work, before striking the pose again. Suddenly, from across the room, the Iron Man glove comes flying on to his arm. This is the Extremis in its beginnings, a type of armor ripped straight from the comics that allows Stark to control his Iron Man suit…with his mind. After the glove flies on to his arm, he tells Jarvis to let it rip. Pieces of armor start flying on to his body, but it’s all starts happening too quickly. Now the metal braces are zipping every which way, breaking Stark’s lab and forcing him to dodge like he’s got Spidey sense. Eventually, all the pieces assemble on his body, save for the face mask. Turned upside and soaring straight at him, Tony does a flip in the air, rips his glove jets and clips the final piece of armor on upside in the air. Tony Stark: always a showboat.

Then there’s a funny scene where Tony is talking to Happy Hogan, his “former” head of security. Happy says he’s quit, because people laugh at him when he says he’s Iron Man’s bodyguard. Plus Iron Man is busy off joining the Superfriends. Plus Happy Hogan’s grandmother saw a big robot snake come out of the sky in Manhattan and jumped out the window. Tony says it’s been taken care of.

The final big set piece was when a bunch of helicopters with rocket launchers come and destroy Tony’s giant house, causing it to tumble into the sea. Tony gets into the Iron Man armor in time, but Pepper Potts is also caught in the disaster. And Tony watches all his spare Iron Man suits blowing up one by one. Tony is flung out into the water and carried down by the undertow. Over this, the voice of the Mandarin says, “Some people call me a terrorist. I consider myself a teacher. Lesson number one: Heroes. There is no such thing. As you cry out for mercy, you will be silenced.”

In true Marvel fashion, the trailer had an end teaser of its own. Who is Ben Kingsley? He’s none other than notorious Marvel villain The Mandarin. The leader of the Ten Rings terrorist group. He’s got a crazy hairdo — shaved in the back with a single ponytail. He’s decked out in flowing robes and a ton of bling. Ten rings is right! Kingsley looks evil as hell, and he sits awaiting Stark’s next move in a throne fit for Iron Man’s ultimate villain.

There wasn’t anything too revealing from the panel. Downey Jr. confirms he is only signed on for this one (though I’ll eat my cats if this is his last time in the suit) and Feige denied the rumour that Bruce Banner will make an appearance. My favourite quote came from Jon Favreau (director of the first two films, now producer of this one) described himself as a “proud grandfather who doesn’t have to change the diapers but gets to play with the baby.”

Marvel’s Upcoming Slate

When Marvel Studio’s head Kevin Feige said that The Avengers wasn’t their end game he wasn’t kidding. Their future is loaded with goodies including final confirmation that ball is rolling for this guy:

Comic-Con 2012: Ant-Man Uses Size-Fu To Kick Ass One Inch At A Time

Hiring a guy like Edgar Wright to bring Ant-Man to the screens tells you two things: It will probably be very funny and it will look great. Funny is the best way to go forward with a character who can shrink and talk to ants. Recently, it was reported that Edgar Wright had shot some rough footage that sounded more like proof of concept than anything else (the role hasn’t been cast yet), but those lucky son of a guns in Hall H got to see it.

From Badassdigest In the sequence we saw Ant-Man fight two anonymous guards in a white hallway. He runs towards them, and when they open fire he disappears in a flash of light. But he’s actually shrunk to a tiny size, and is running along the barrel of one of the men’s guns. He leaps and switches sizes and uses his momentum to knock the one guard back. Small, he jumps to the other guard, grabs his tie, and gets big again. The momentum and change in mass helps Ant-Man swing the guard over his shoulders and through a window.

That sounds perfect. It’s going to be hard to convince anyone that being an inch tall is an advantage in battle but Wright seems to be on top of it.

Sayeth Wright ‘He’ll kick your ass one inch at a time.’

I love that The Captain America and Thor sequels are getting tag lines rather than boring old numbers. Thor: The Dark World gives little away, it likely refers to one of the more unpleasant of the nine realms, Muspelheim home of the Demons or Svartalfheim, home of the Dark Elves.

If I described The Guardians of the Galaxy you’d think I was mad. They are an intergalactic police force that includes super humans, aliens and.. actually take a look at this bonkers concept art.

Click to enlarge

Yes that’s a raccoon with a rifle and yes, that’s a giant tree. This is going to be epic!

But most importantly…

Deadgeek is finally, finally, getting his Deadpool game.

Suck it, Wolverine


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