Sherlock Holmes 2 is a touch of class


The bromance of the 1890’s is back, and it’s better than ever! Sherlock Holmes 2 has taken everything good from the first film and swilled it down with some formaldehyde, added a dash of sheep adrenaline and made brilliant film. You’ll get that description once you’ve seen it!

RDJ is on top form and it makes the wait for The Avengers even harder to bear. The urban camouflage seems are hilarious, and for a man on the verge of a psychotic breakdown and a serious substance addiction, Holmes is an endearing, incandescent lead!

For the small period that Stephen Fry is in the film you see a BUTTLOAD of him, again wait till you see it and pat me on the back later! It’s a genius casting call.

The film is wonderfully filmed. The slow motion shots, although plentiful are really well done, and are the last 2 actions sequences are amazing. The novelty also doesn’t wear off for the ‘Holmes mode’ scenes where he’s deducing a situation. These scenes are what the ‘Bullet Time’ shots should have been in Max Payne.

And best of all – Rachel McAdams character is hardly in it!


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