Guy posts the end of Twilight Breaking Dawn part 1 on facebook.

Here at NerdArena Towers, we ain’t to big a fan of this Twilight twaddle! My good chum Beardman has seen some cos he’s betrothed to a lady, and I believe that all ladies are into Twilight, but I’ll forgive him for that. Needless to say we wouldn’t normally post much about this franchise.

However when I saw this SPOILER-ific picture on the book of faces I had to write about it! I guess if you’ve read the ‘books’ then you’ll already know the ending, but for those who haven’t and saw this picture and have been eagerly awaiting what happens, it’s gonna sting a little!

The guy in question went to the midnight screening…with a lady I must add… And as you’ll see wasn’t that much of a fan!

As mentioned this may be a SPOILER to some. You have been warned! SPOILER!

To be honest it’s not much, but he’s got quite a few raging comments from Twiheads or whatever they are called! Can you blame him, our generation will never get the chance to do this:


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