I heart… Metallica


I spend most of my A Level IT lessons building the ultimate Metallica playlist for my first lads holiday. This was after S&M but just before St Anger.

My playlist was phenomenal, I blasted in with Harvester Of Sorrow, Swooped through Battery, rode the power train of One, chilled though a few amazing (and superior?) S&M versions, headbanged through Enter Sandman and rounded things off Master of Puppets and finished with Seek and Destroy. That’s just a few songs, my playlist was 2 cd’s long.

Next to Iron Maiden (more on them soon Eddie fans!) there aren’t many other bands who have such an amazing variety of tunes.

Admittedly the mighty Met are taking some serious flak due to there latest effort with Lou ‘scared for his life’ Reed but there is no denying Metallica are one of, if not the greatest Metal band of all time!

I’ve seen them several times, and they are in my top three gigs, currently I’m unable I to decide in which order AC/DC, Maiden and Metallica sit. Metallica’s Death Magnet tour was visually and audibly mind blowing. The guys sounded tight, were having fun, and had finally seemed to have settled the bassist ‘issues’. Plus they had coffins coming from the ceiling and
black giant beach balls! Really…


Hetfield is an amazing frontman, matched only in charisma by Bruce ‘he flies a plane’ Dickinson. His growl still packs a punch, and pound for pound, I’d say a better guitarist than Hammett. BEFORE y’all start kicking off ask yourself who plays the better solos… Hetfield – FACT!

Lars is like marmite, equally loved as hated but here at NerdArena HQ we like our toast with a thick spread of Ulrich! That sounded better in my head by the way! As a drummer I truly appreciate his skill, many slate him but that is those untrained, he is the master of off beats and is as full of rhythm as a Brazilian carnival!

Mr Robert Trujillo brings a light hearted aspect to the somewhat serious band! He a whirling vortex of lips and bass grooves, and seems really at home in a band with a tumultuous bassist past.

And Hammett is alright like…

So to all those out there who are being swayed by the bad press that ‘Lulu’ is causing, stay tuned and we’ll try and prove Metallica are still the masters!


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  1. Spoken like the fifth member of the band. Great piece. They’re taking a bit o’ flack these days. Stand strong.

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