Expendables 2 stuntman death – official statement released


Nu Image and Millennium, the studios for Expendables 2, have released an official statement following an explosion that caused the death Kun Lieu, and severely injuring Nuo Sun.

The official statement from Nu Image and Millennium Films read: “Our deepest condolences go to the family of Kun Lieu. His passing is tragic.”

“Our sympathies also go to Nuo Sun who was seriously injured as a result of the same explosion. We have been informed his condition has stabilised. He has been transported to Munich, Germany, where he is receiving top medical care from the best specialists.”

“Second Unit filming has been temporarily suspended, but will reportedly resume shortly, while Main Unit production has not been interrupted.”

This is very sad news and our condolences go out to the families.

However does this statement seem a bit…stone cold…? To me it read a bit like ‘sorry someone died, but the filming ain’t stopped!’, or am I being cynical? It’s a tragedy that someone has passed away due to something as superficial as a movie.

On a more positive note- Chuck Norris looks awesome or a 71 year old!


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  1. Norris clearly drinks from the fountain of awesome!

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