Umm… No. Fox Are Turning Frank Castle into a Cop


Just yesterday Deedgeek and I were discussing Punisher Warzone, one of great bonkers action films of our time. I think it’s a classic, Deadgeek not so much. What we both agree on though is that it shows Frank Castle doing what he does best, namely, murderising everyone in inventive and eye wateringly violent ways.

Now Fox, (who, at this point, seem to actively hate comic book characters) have bought the television rights and are developing a Punisher series….in which Castle is a police officer by day, vigilante by night.


Just no.

Frank Castle is insane. He doesn’t have a cute secret identity, he won’t wait for the judicial system to decide for him, he just kills folk. This sounds like a bad Dexter ripoff. A neutered, safe Punisher is just a complete waste of time. Do Daredevil! He’s a lawyer who hunts people who have escaped the law. That’s already what Fox has pitched!

Man, I’m such a geek…


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