Did you know…


#Updated# NASA have confirmed they may never know where the satellite crashed…Cover up?!


Firstly there was a mahossive Solar flare yesterday:


Secondly there have been at least 6 coronal mass ejections since September 18th:


This means there’s a butt load of crazy space protons and nuclei floating about up there!

Now the bad (and slightly convoluted movie tie in) news:

NASA have confirmed that a debunked Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite will fall to earth TODAY! The best bit? The 6.5 tonne Satellite will crash….somewhere!

NASA said they will know where the radiated space junk will land 2 hours before hand. Plenty of warning!

FEMA, the federal emergency management agency, have contingency plans in place if it hits American soil. What about the rest of us?

Now we all know that in Shaun of the Dead, one of the top 5 zombie films EVER, the Zombies were caused by a Satellite crashing to earth!
High levels of sun flares/CMEs + satellite crashing to earth = ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

I’m ready, been planning for this for years! Now where did I leave my shotgun?


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  1. The evidence is undeniable. This is not a drill. Gather you loved ones and ammunition. To Arms!

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