NERDLIST: The Top 10 Movie Infographics

We love a good Infographic. There’s something both beautiful and maddening at seeing (sometimes) years of content squeezed into a 1000 x 1000 jpeg.

Below are some of the best

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1. The Sequel Map

Didn’t really need an infographic to prove that sequels are typically inferior, but it’s still fascinating to so many films under the spotlight. The inclusion of the domestic gross gives a glimpse into how well each film was received commercially and not just critically.





2. Inception Timeline

We’re all pretty sharp here. We can spell our names, perform simple arithmetic and we all understood Inception. We think. What’s clear is that we obviously didn’t understand it quite as well as the creator of the above headache. Which one was Yusuf again?

3. Timelines.

Breathe it in, it doesn’t get any geekier than this.

4. Back to the Future

A rare infographic that almost ruins the film it’s trying to celebrate. The plot holes dotted around it read like a smart alec heckling a magician. The main graphic itself though is extremely cool and is a testament to how well Robert Zemeckis and his team were at keeping a convoluted story simple and accessible.

So, who wrote Johnny B. Goode then?

5. The Best Movies of all Time Map

“The Best Movies of all Time” by way of the London Underground. Each film is grouped and linked together by genre. Very impressive, if confusing for people who don’t live in London.

6. Spoilers!

This infographic just ruined A Beautiful Mind for me.

7. Friday the 13th Body Count

I didn’t know Jason killed someone with a Gibson Flying V!? Did you know that? Why didn’t anyone tell me!

8. The Monster Mash-Up Map

On the off-chance you ever wondered if Megatron could take a Rancor this handy graphic holds the answer.


The zombie apocalypse is going to happen it’s only a matter of time. The above graphic collates every conceivable scenario and WILL save your life.


If you have ever wondered what course of action you should take if confronted with a Predator look no further. This is a favourite because a) it’s Aliens and Predators and b) we really don’t think there is anything else that could go in. As far as Alien/Predator infographics go this is as comprehensive as it gets!


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  1. Yeah we are clever enough to spell and count!
    Zombies and spoilers be 3 of dedgeks favourites!

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