Not Groovey – Ash Will Not Appear In Evil Dead Remake

“No Ash Character Currently”

That comes from Bruce ‘The Chin’ Campbell himself. Don’t get too excited about the “currently” either, while the script for the proposed Evil Dead remake is being touched up by Diablo Cody, nothing short of a complete rewrite could insert the character in in a satisfactory way. Add to this that the suits seem pretty bent on populating it with new characters and it seems a certainty Ash Williams will be AWOL.

Do you care? No. A straight sequel was never on the cards so I suppose this is the lesser of two Evils. Is no Ash better than a recast Ash? A rhetorical question, that. Ash is a horror iconic and Campbell made him thus. The Chin is such a cult hero that recasting the character would only upset his personal army and no ones wants hordes of Bruce Campbell fans running amok.

Let’s see how this plays out…


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  1. No Ash = no Evil dead

  2. There’s that too! It’s Nightmare on Elm Street with out Kruegar!

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