“I walked straight in, playing it Bogart, like I’d done a hundred times before.” The Max Payne 3 Trailer Arrives

I have to admit, the early screenshots didn’t convince me.

As pretty as they were, a podgy, bald and bearded drunk in Sao Paulo was just too far removed from what I want in a Max Payne game. Yes sir, I am that petty.

…and yet, throw me those few cello notes and the impossibly gravelly tones of James McAffrey and I’m a believer again.

It physically hurts me to think that the original Max Payne is ten years old but that’s life. The original (and it’s sequel The Fall of Max Payne) had style to spare and diving into a room and wallpapering every inch of it in bullets and blood never gotĀ old. They’ve both aged surprisingly well and no game since (looking at you Stranglehold) has done it quite as well. C’Mon Max, show ’em how it’s done!

Rockstar will be shoving this down your throat next March.


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