John Moore is directing Die Hard 5…nobody cares

John McClane is about to have another bad day…

Great news! The fifth part of a series that was pushing it at three has landed a Director. Deadline is reporting that John Moore, who directed the dross Mark Wahlberg vehicle Max Payne and the dross Owen Wilson vehicle Behind Enemy Lines has signed on to direct Die Hard 5: Live Free or Die Harder part 2.

Is anyone bothered by this? While I seem to be the only one who enjoyed Die Hard with a Vengeance I had thought Live Free or Die Hard pretty much buried the franchise, it seems though this particular cash cow was too tempting for Bruce Willis. And speaking of Willis, it was he who approved the selection of Moore so who knows, with a good story and a strong script it… oh, it’s being written by the guy who wrote Wolverine.

Yippee Kay-Yay indeed.


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  1. How are we friends?!
    There are several people I’d watch paint a room-
    1) Wolverine
    2) Thor
    3) Robert Downey Jr both in and out of an iron man guise
    4) Russell Brand
    And 5)… You guessed it John McClane!
    Die hard 4 was better than 3.
    Yippe kiy yay indeed!

  2. I dig McClane too, but I freakin’ hate censored, neutered, plane surfin’ McClane!

    Hmmm, I smell a fight brewing here… PERFECT!

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